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SLight | Live Blade (Prototype, Pre-Order)

Regular price $375.00 USD
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Note: This is a listing for pre-orders, with an estimated wait time of 3-4 months. If you're not ok with the wait, do not purchase. Renders do not show handle texture, but these will have the same handle texturing as the Konig V2 Trainers, and Ultralight's. Renders also do not show the machining marks on the blade. The mill will leave a more prominent tool path than most of the live blades you've seen from me in the past.


The SLight features Grade 5 Ti channel handles, with a machined knurling texture, handle jimping, a hollow milled 440c tanto blade, threaded zen pins, and as always, hand fit bushings. Coming in at 4.15oz (Estimated), with a neutral balance, the SLight will be a very competitive balisong, without that competitive price tag.


The SLight was built off of the Ultralight platform, with quite a few upgrades. The handle material was changed from 7075 AL to Grade 5 Titanium. The handle shape and size remains the same. However, adjustments were made to account for the change in material. The blade was swapped from a 416ss trainer blade, to a 440c live blade with a compound "grind".




Handle Length: 5.5”


Blade Length (Cutting edge): 4.25”


Overall Length: 10.02”


Total Weight: 4.15oz (Estimated)


Handle Material: Grade 5 Titanium (Sandblasted, Stonewashed)


Blade Material: 440c Stainless Steel (Stonewashed)


Pivot System: Hand Fit Bushings


Pin System: Threaded Zen Pins