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Konig V2 | Hand Ground Live Blade (Pre-Order)

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Note: This is a listing for pre-orders, with an estimated wait time of 2-3 months. If you're not ok with the wait, do not purchase. Renders do not show handle texture, but they will have the same handles as the V2 Konig Trainers. Blades will be hand ground, with a 6" hollow grind. This is a collaboration project between me, and another maker. Blades are also available as a standalone product, which will fit both V1, and V2 Konigs. Tuning may be required for install.


König (/ˈkeɪnɪɡ/; [ˈkøːnɪç]), German for "king".

One that is supreme or preeminent in a particular group, or category.


The Konig features anodized 7075 channel aluminum handles, added texture to improve grip, jimping to help with ladders, as well as a weight system developed specifically for this design. Each Konig will include 3 different sets of SS weights, so you can pick your preferred balance. Swapping the weights out takes just seconds using the included allen wrench.


Coming standard with a satin hand ground 440c blade, it will have the looks, as well as the performance to go with it. Press fit zen pins ensure rigidity, durability, as well as a great feel and sound.




Handle Length: 5.6”


Blade Length: 4”


Overall Length: 9.97”


Total Weight: 3.87 oz - 3.95 oz (Depends on weights used)


Handle Material: 7075 Aluminum (Anodized)


Trainer Blade Material: 440c Stainless Steel (Satin Finish)


Pivot System: Hand Fit Bushings


V2 Changes:

Added Machined Texture To Face Of Handles

Added More Handle Jimping

Revised Tool Path For Channel Cut Out, Ensures Tighter Machining Tolerances

Reduced Overall Weight

Slightly Adjusted Balance (More Handle Bias)

Slightly Reduced Bite Handle Indicator Size

Black Blade Finish Instead Of Satin

Black Zen Pins Instead of Satin (This Prototype Has Satin Zen Pins, Production Models Will Have Black Zen Pins)